Connect to the Better Driver app via your in-car Bluetooth or a Carrot Wingman device. Available to customers with an Apple IOS or Android smartphone.

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Earn weekly treats for being a Better Driver.

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Earn rewards for safer driving!

Most drivers believe they’re better than average behind the wheel – but is that really the case? If you’re insured through Better Driver by Carrot, you’ve got the chance to prove it – and earn weekly treats in the process.

Not only do you benefit from an up-front discount on the price of your car insurance cover, but you also get regular rewards for being a safe, responsible driver. It’s really simple to get started, too - buy a policy, install the free Better Driver app on your and any named driver smartphones. Then just connect it to your car via its built-in Bluetooth or our free Carrot Wingman device, and you're done! Watch this short video for more details on the easy set-up process.

The Better Driver app records each journey you make and lets you know how well you have driven. For every weekly period that you keep the needle in the green on the dial in the app, you’ll earn a Treat. You can check your progress after each journey and see at any time whether you’re on course to earn the treat of the week.

With a Better Driver by Carrot policy, there are no unexpected increases to the cost of your insurance during your policy year, no penalties, and no fines. Providing your details remain the same, the cost of your insurance will stay exactly at the price you paid when you took out your policy. Remember, though, that this is a product for ‘Better Drivers’, so if your app records too many weekly sub-zero scores, you could be at risk of your cover being cancelled.

When you buy a Better Driver by Carrot policy, we'll ask you to tell us how many miles you expect to cover during your policy year. But if you eventually find that you need to cover more miles than you originally planned to when you bought your policy, you can always buy Top-Up miles from us.

Just give us a call and we'll quote you a price for the additional miles that you need, based on how you’ve driven during the policy year to date – less pay as you go, more pay how you drive. It's another example of how we're always looking to give our customers the fairest deal possible.

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