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L Plate

Available to newly qualified drivers and drivers with up to 2 years driving experience


The latest in black box technology, fitted to your vehicle at no extra cost

Carrot Card

Get any cash rewards you earn paid onto your free Carrot Card prepaid MasterCard®

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Earn rewards for safer driving!

Carrot Card

With Carrot, it literally pays to drive safely - in fact, you can earn some of your annual premium back in cash rewards for being safe and responsible at the wheel.

Simply keep your Driving Style score ‘in the green’ on the dial in your free Carrot smartphone app and after three months, you’ll be sent your Carrot Card, pre-loaded with any cash rewards that you’ve earned for you to spend however and wherever you like!

Your Carrot Card also gives you an average of 5% cashback at selected high street retailers every time you use it. You can even choose to top-up your Carrot card with your own money*.

The Carrot Card is a pre-paid MasterCard debit card, provided free for the life of your policy, and is our way of getting your cash rewards to you safely, quickly and easily. It’s not a credit card, so there’s no way you can spend more than your available card balance.

With a New Driver by Carrot policy, there are no unexpected increases to the cost of your insurance during the policy year. Here at Carrot we are all about safe driving so your policy will be at risk of cancellation if you consistently record negative driving scores. Providing your details remain the same, the cost of your insurance will stay exactly at the price your paid when you took out your policy.

When you buy a New Driver by Carrot policy, we'll ask you to tell us how many miles you expect to cover during your policy year. But if you eventually find that you need to cover more miles than you originally planned to when you bought your policy, you can always buy Top-Up miles from us. It's a bit like topping up the credit on your mobile phone.

Just give us a call and we'll quote you a price for the additional miles that you need, based on your individual Driving Style score – less pay as you go, more pay how you drive. It's another example of how we're always looking to give young drivers the fairest deal possible.

* Terms & conditions apply

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