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Category: Driving tips

Get clued up on these driving tips and rules not many people are aware of

Get clued up on these driving tips and rules not many people are aware… Read more ›

Driving and hay fever: a young driver’s guide

With mega itchy eyes, constant sneezing, a prickly throat and a nose that never… Read more ›

What do you do if you hit an animal while driving?

The last thing on most drivers’ minds when they’re enjoying motoring on jam-free roads… Read more ›

What to do if you break down in your car

No matter how long you’ve been driving, whether it’s for many decades or just… Read more ›

Improve your driving skills: Anticipation

Anticipation is really all about reading your surroundings and remaining aware by keeping your… Read more ›

Handling emergency vehicle situations

Imagine for a moment that you’re driving in a big city for the first… Read more ›

A young driver’s guide to smart motorways

All across the UK, ‘smart’ motorways are being rolled out – but what exactly… Read more ›

Brush up on dashboard warning lights

For all motorists, from the newly-qualified and young drivers we look after here at… Read more ›

10 reasons why tyres aren’t as boring as you might think

Okay, they may just be pretty uninteresting black circles at face value, but if… Read more ›

What to do if you have a car accident or encounter one

Car accidents do happen – sadly quite often – and sensible drivers can unfortunately… Read more ›

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