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Category: Policy details

How do I change the address on my policy?

Just get in touch with us and we can change this for you. There… Read more ›

Do you provide legal cover?

Yes – we can add legal cover to your policy for £22.40, including IPT… Read more ›

Do you offer breakdown cover?

Yes – we offer three levels of cover. If you’re part-way through your policy… Read more ›

How do I get my policy documents?

We now send all your policy documents by email.

How does Carrot use my personal details?

We take data protection very seriously, and only use the personal information that you… Read more ›

What if I change my car?

If you change your car, just let us know as soon as possible so… Read more ›

How does my driving data affect my policy?

Any driving data collected each week will crystalise into a Driving Style Score. This… Read more ›

Can my insurance price go up?

In short, no! The price you pay when you take out your policy is… Read more ›

What if I exceed my annual mileage?

Don’t worry. Before you reach your agreed annual mileage, our Customer Service Team will… Read more ›

What if I need to increase my miles for the year?

It’s easy to buy Top-Up Miles if you think you’re going to need more… Read more ›

Does having more than one driver affect my policy?

Yes, it may affect the price of your policy. If you’re a New Driver… Read more ›

How much can I earn in cash rewards with Carrot?

Please note if your policy started after the 5th October 2017 then you will… Read more ›

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