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How do you calculate my insurance premium?

At Carrot Insurance we love safe drivers and we don’t think you should have to… Read more ›

Can I get a quote if I haven’t bought the car yet?

Yes – click here to get a quote.

Why do I need to state how many miles I expect to travel in a year?

Your policy price depends on how many miles you expect to travel. Fewer miles usually means a lower price.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes. You can either pay for your insurance for the year in full with… Read more ›

Can I insure a modified car?

We can only provide insurance for ‘factory standard’ cars, without modifications.

Will I be covered outside the UK?

Yes. If you’re planning a holiday road trip to Europe, we’ve got you covered! Some… Read more ›

A guide to taking out insurance with Carrot

A few things you’ll need to know when taking out a Carrot policy.

Why don’t Carrot offer cover for modified cars?

No doubt about it, negotiating your first year of driving is tough, and sometimes… Read more ›

What documents do i need to send Carrot when I buy a policy?

Depending on your age, you might remember the large green driving licence counterparts printed… Read more ›

What is a Better Driver policy?

A Better Driver policy is designed for drivers with a few more miles under… Read more ›

Get clued up on these driving tips and rules not many people are aware of

Get clued up on these driving tips and rules not many people are aware… Read more ›

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