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Why do I need to have my Bluetooth and Location services on all the time – even when I’m not driving?

The Better Driver app is a clever bit of technology which uses telematics to measure the way you drive – including accelerating, braking, swerving and the number and length of your journeys.

For the app to correctly track the way you drive, and act as the black box in your car, Bluetooth and Location services need to be on at all times –  even when you’re not driving.

To make sure the Better Driver app is functioning correctly, make sure all permissions are enabled. The app will prompt you to check these permissions when you log in for the first time.

It’s important to remember not to completely close the Better Driver app at any point. This will stop the app functioning and you won’t receive any weekly treats. This may also result in an increased excess if you have an accident where the journey hasn’t recorded.

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